How to Repair a Metal Roof leak with Super Silicone Seal

Super Silicone Seal is white and liquid. When repairing seams on a metal roof that is slanted, you will see some streeks below the area of repair because it flows easily. If you have an aluminum or metal roof that is relatively flat, then this is the best sealant for fixing seams and other leaks.

The advantage of using Super Silicone Seal is that Ultraviolet rays do not affect it. The silicone will not degrade in heat or icy conditions. The disadvantage is that paint will not adhere to it.

Repairing metal roof leaks with Super Silicone Seal

Silicone will adhere to metal, glass, plexiglass, wood, and asphalt.

To repair a Metal Roof Seam follow these steps:

  1. Prepare the suface where you want to patch.
  2. Use a flat bar, hammer claw or trowel to remove big chunks of dried tar or other roofing materials
  3. Use a angle grinder with a wire brush to grind away existing silicone caulk, asphalt, and paint
  4. Take a rag and suaturate it with Lacquer Thinners to wipe clean any residue of asphalt and silicone from the surface
  5. If necessary, replace the existing screws with slightly larger ones. Use pane head screws where possible for a low profile
  6. Use a paint brush and paint the 1st coat of Super Silicone Seal over the seam. Make sure you cover at least 2″ on each side of the seam
  7. Embed the Polyester Fleece into the silicone making sure to squeeze out all the air
  8. Apply a 2nd coat of Super Silicone Seal over the fleece making sure it is completely covered

It can rain 1 hour after applying the Super Silicone Seal. It takes about 24 hours to cure completely.

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