Super Silicone Seal 3.5 Gal Pail

  1. This product has excellent bonding properties to EPDM, TPO, Metal, and Plastic
  2. Only white is available
  3. Can’t be painted over
  4. Good for extending the life expectancy of and roof
  5. Good for seams, flashing details

Uses: Metal Roof Seam Repair – EPDM Seam Repair – Skylight Leak Repair – Chimney Cap Seal – Concrete Crack Repair

  1. Product life expectancy is 10 – 15 years
  2. Adheres to metal, rubber, glass, plastic, cement, brick, wood, paint


Additional Information

Weight 41 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 11 × 12 in
For protection of all rubber and metal roofs

Purchase larger quantities to apply to EPDM Rubber, TPO, Torch Down Rubber and Metal Roofs. Poly Fleece Rolls are not included and can be purchased as a separate item. Poly Fleece is only needed for seams and repairs.

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Super Silicone Seal SDS