Turbo Poly Seal 1 Gal /Silver Coat 1 Pint/ 50 Fleece/ Brush

  • For Flashing, metal roof seams and fasteners, chimney caps and flashing, asphalt – rubber, and TPO Roof repairs – Not to be used on EPDM Rubber
  • Repairing any skylight – please use Super Silicone Seal –
  • Application Temperature: 20˚ F and above
  • Color: Turbo Poly Seal -Brown
  • Silver Coat Protection – Aluminum Color
  • Coverage: approx. 5″ wide x 25 ft long
  • 30 min time needed after application before it can rain
  • 24 hours to cure
  • Life Expectancy: 12-18 years
  • Shelf life after opening: 1 months (properly sealed)
  • Shipping: UPS pick up 2:30 pm weekdays – approx. 2 to 3 days on delivery
    • (Note: It is recommended to protect Turbo Poly Seal with an oil-based paint for protection, or use Silver Coat Protection from this site) Wait for 30 min or up to a few months to paint over it

    Instruction GuideSee how to use


Product Description

Turbo Poly Seal is not sold in Home Depot or Lowe’s

  1. To seal Chimney Crowns and Flashing
  2. Metal Roof Seams, screw seal
  3. To patch or seal over cracks on brick or cement walls
  4. Flashing repair on roofs
  5. Temperature Application: 20˚ F and above
  6. Patching asphalt roofs and Torch Down Rubber
  7. Repairing any skylight – please use Super Silicone Seal – Turbo Poly Seal will not work on skylights
  8. Vent pipes
  9. Will not adhere to Glass or Silicone Surfaces
  10. Shelf life after opening: 1 month (properly sealed)
  11. Silver Coat Protection will extend the life expectancy to over 20 years
  12. Shipping: UPS pick up 2:30 pm weekdays – approx. 2 to 3 days on delivery

Note: When repairing or sealing leaks with Turbo Poly Seal, always make sure the surface is clean and free from oils, silicone, and debris. Applying over existing Tar and caulking will eventually fail.

Use a grinder with a wire brush to remove the bulk of old tar and caulking. Use Lacquer Thinners to remove any residue of silicone. When grinding over silicone caulk, it leaves a very thin unnoticeable film on the surface that should be removed

Additional Information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 14 × 7 × 9 in
Kit Includes

1) 1 Gal Turbo Poly Seal, 2) 50 ft x 4" Poly Fleece, 3) 16 oz Silver Coat, 4) 1 Disposable Brush

Turbo Poly Seal with Silver Coat

Use Turbo Poly Seal to repair flashing and metal roof seams and rust areas. Use the Silver Coat to protect the Turbo Poly Seal from Ultraviolets

Turbo Poly Seal SDS

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