Waterproof and Roof Sealants to repair metal roof leaks, flat roof leaks, flashing, skylights, chimney caps

About Us

How it all started

It all started in 1983 when I started repairing roofs for a living in Connecticut. Whenever I went to do an estimate on a roof, I would convince the customer that I could fix it rather than replace it. I still believe most roofs can be repaired instead of replacing it. The competition would convince the customer to buy a new roof. Because of my approach, I got the majority of the jobs.

With all the repairs on thousands of roofs, I needed a product suitable for any particular repair. In some cases, it would take many trips to patch one leak since it kept on leaking. I quickly realized I needed a product that I could use to fix leaks on any flashing. Flashing is the biggest problem on any roof.

Bergstrom Industries
About Us 3

This was when Turbo Poly Seal was born. Before, I used a lot of Karnak Tar to make repairs, but it eventually dried and cracked. Then I stumbled upon a formula where Asphalt and Urethane were mixed and created a sealant to outlast the Karnak and any other product. The elasticity is fantastic. While using it myself for several years, people kept asking if they could have some of it, and that’s when I realized that I should be selling it commercially.

The name “Turbo Poly Seal” was given by a customer who loved it so much and kept asking for a new can of Turbo Poly Seal every other week. Thanks to this customer for the name.

Bergstrom Industries
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Super Silicone Seal was born from necessity. I was repairing a skylight for a customer in Wilton, CT. After every rain, he would call me because it was still leaking. After trying many products, from adhesive tapes to tar and epoxy, I thought of one final product. The night before, I mixed some chemicals into some existing Silicone Sealant I had and went the next day to make this skylight leak repair. To my surprise, it worked. That skylight is still leakproof. I tested my new Silicone formula on EPDM rubber and was astonished at how well it bonded.

l called the customer that initially gave the first product name for “Turbo Poly Seal” and asked her to put her thinking cap on for this new product. The rest is history. With no hesitation, she said, “Super Silicone Seal.”