Waterproof and Roof Sealants to repair metal roof leaks, flat roof leaks, flashing, skylights, chimney caps

Repairing Metal Roof Seams and Leaks with Turbo Poly Seal

Turbo Poly Seal is composed of Bituminous and Urethane resins. This composition stays elastic over time and is also very strong. When applied with a Polyester fabric, it gives it the added strength and elasticity.

It is important to remove old tar, caulking, and paint before making any repairs. Turbo Poly Seal will adhere to asphalt and paint, but the paint could peel off rendering the repair non-effect.

See this video of how the tar and paint peeled off to understand why you should remove it before attempting any repairs.

Metal Seam Leak Repair

Most people are afraid to remove material from previous repairs. They are afraid that they might disturb something and cause more problems. This is furthest from the truth. It is always better to start with a clean surface.

Use an electric grinder with a wire brush to remove old rust, paint, and caulking. It is important to have the metal surface clean from any debris as well as silicone residue. To make sure there is no silicone residue left by the wire brush, you can use Lacquer Thinners with a rag to wipe the surface clean.

It is super important to use eye protection when cleaning the metal surface

Once the surface is clean, then you can make the necessary repairs with Turbo Poly Seal.

5 Steps to make repairs on a metal roof seam

  1. If necessary, it is now the time to replace screws. Always go with one size bigger and or also find flat head screws if you are going to paint over them.
  2. Brush 1 coat of Turbo Poly Seal on the clean metal surface. Make sure to cover at least 2″ on each side of the seam
  3. Embed the Polyester Fleece over the sealant
  4. Brush a final coat of Turbo Poly Seal covering the polyester fleece (make sure the fabric is completely covered)
  5. After 30 minutes, paint a coat of Aluminum Asphalt over the Turbo Poly Seal. This “Silver Coat” will protect the Turbo Poly Seal from failing prematurely

Watch this video below to see 3 different options for repairing a metal roof seam. This will help you get an insight on what to expect and tips on how to go about making the repairs.

3 different options on how to repair a metal roof seam

The better you prepare the surface, the longer the repair will last. There is nothing like a wasted effort when you have covered others botched up repairs


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