Chimney Leak Repair

Chimney leaks are common due to incorrect installation of flashing. For the most part, flashing is never installed properly and caulking is used to seal the slot where the metal flashing is inserted into the chimney. To repair leaks on a chimney a few steps must be taken to ensure a proper repair that will last.

Here are 4 things you should never use on a chimney:

  1. Caulking – whether it is latex, silicone, or urethane caulking, it will always fail.
  2. Tar – any tar out of a can will fail – it dries and cracks
  3. Tapes – It is very tempting to get a roll of tape. Tape does not work on uneven surfaces; it will leak from the onset
  4. Spray Sealant out of a can – that is by far the worst so-called sealant

Watch this video to see how to repair a Chimney leak

How to seal a Chimney from leaking

9 Steps on Repairing a Chimney Leak

  • Use an angle grinder with a wire brush to clean all existing caulking, paint, and tar from the flashing or chimney crown.
  • Remove any loose cement grout where necessary.
  • Use masking tape to tape off the area where you seal the chimney.
  • Make sure to allow at least 2″ of space on either side of the crack where you will apply the sealant.
  • Use Turbo Poly Seal to brush the 1st coat on the surface, covering 2″ on each side of the crack.
  • Cut a polyester fleece and apply it over the 1st coat of sealant.
  • Brush the 2nd coat of Turbo Poly Seal to cover the Polyester fleece.
  • Remove the masking tape after 5 minutes of curing.
  • Apply Silver Coat protection after 24 hours of curing.

Cleaning up

Use Asphalt Tar Remover to clean your hands and clothes after working with Turbo Poly Seal.

Take a few drops and rub it into your hands.

Let it sit for a few minutes, and then use water or a wet rag to wash your hands clean.

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