Waterproof and Roof Sealants to repair metal roof leaks, flat roof leaks, flashing, skylights, chimney caps

Silver Coat Protection Metal Rust Proofing 1/2 Gal

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Poly Fleece roof leak repair 1 Roll - 50 ft

Asphalt and Tar Remover 2 oz

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Product Description

Protective coating against UV’s for Turbo Poly Seal

  • 1 Pint will cover 1 Gal of Turbo Poly Seal
  • Wait 30 minutes for Turbo Poly Seal to cure before applying
  • Check every 4 – 5 years if a fresh coat is needed
  • Shelf life after opened – 3 years or more ( if properly sealed)

Non-Fibered Aluminum Coating is made from selected asphalts, refined solvents, and fine aluminum flakes. When the coating is applied, it forms a reflective, metallic shield over the base material. Combining these two protective materials, aluminum and asphalt, results in a self-protecting coating with longer-lasting moisture and heat-resistant properties.

Additional Information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in
Silver Coat

Protective Coating for Turbo Poly Seal:
1. Let the Turbo Poly Seal cure for 24 hours
2. Stir the content of Silver Coat well to mix the aluminum flakes into the asphalt liquid
3. Use a brush and apply 1 coat over the Turbo Poly Seal

Poly Fleece roof leak repair 1 Roll - 50 ft

Weight 1 lbs

Asphalt and Tar Remover 2 oz

Weight .5 lbs

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Silver Coat Protection

Silver Coat 1/2 Gal to protect Turbo Poly Seal from ultravioletsSilver Coat Protection Metal Rust Proofing 1/2 Gal
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